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Drive Better, Breathe Easier

Engine Carbon Clean, Restoring Efficiency and Reducing Emissions


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Restoring engine performance while reducing your bills

You can recover your vehicle’s efficiency, lower carbon emissions, save money on your monthly fuel bill, reduce your need for costly maintenance, increase your engine’s performance, and help the environment.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Engine Carbon Clean is an innovative UK developed technology and eco-friendly process that utilises hydrogen to remove carbon build up in your engine. The Engine Carbon Clean service heightens performance and can improve fuel economy while also reducing emissions.

Engine Carbon Clean is the only Which? Trusted Trader recommended supplier. Engine Carbon Clean is all about helping the engine ‘breathe’ more easily and getting back what you’ve lost over time.

No dismantling of parts or use of harmful chemicals.

Our process is quick, safe and saves you money. It is also convenient and hassle free. Our fully trained technicians will come to you, where and when it is convenient, with no fuss and no mess. With the use of their portable diagnostic device, they will be able to give you up to date information on the status of your vehicle.

Here at Engine Carbon Clean we also can provide a DPF Clean to your diesel vehicle. Please click here to find out more information about the service.


The ultimate engine detox

The top four benefits

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Restored Power & Performance

More power, smoother running and a quieter engine.

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Lower Emissions

A significant reduction in harmful exhaust emissions means better air for everyone to breathe, and help to achieve levels required for regular MOT testing.

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Fewer Repair

Carbon cleaning decreases the likelihood of expensive trips to the garage or of breakdowns. Carbonisation can mean engine damage or hefty repair bills from clogged filters.

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Improved Fuel Efficiency

Our customers have lower fuel bills due to the removal of carbon build-up. An Engine Carbon Clean typically results in savings of 5-10% on your fuel bills.

Why does engine efficiency matter?

Saving Money

Enhanced fuel efficiency is a great way to lower the costs of your petrol and diesel. On top of that, your vehicle will run a lot smoother too, restoring the comfort of your ride.

Carbon cleaning your engine will potentially reduce costly repair bills caused by blocked filters and lower emissions will help you get through your MOT.

The flexibility of our mobile service means we come to you when you want, saving you money and time.

The Environment

Reducing emissions is important for everyone, but many of us still need internal combustion engine vehicles. The Engine Carbon Clean hydrogen production process is low carbon – needing just electricity and water to undertake the service. We help you improve fuel economy as well as reduce the pollution your vehicle produces.

The Centre for Climate and Energy Solutions research states that transportation accounts for 17% of all greenhouse gas emissions. The actions all of us take in the next few years will make a difference to those numbers.

Which vehicles are suitable?

Engine Carbon Clean can be applied to any vehicle with an internal combustion engine. Whether you own a petrol, diesel, or LPG engine from 500cc to 100 litres, our processes will help recover the efficiency of your vehicle.

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Carbon-build up can have detrimental effects on your car. Engine Carbon Clean reduces your emissions, helps to lower your fuel bills and you’ll notice the improved performance too.

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Vans and Trucks

From transit vans to HGVs, the Engine Carbon Clean process helps restore your vehicle’s performance and efficiency.
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Our service is also effective with motorbikes, helping to enhance the ride and reduce emissions for bikers.
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Engine Carbon Clean can also be applied to marine vessels of all shapes and sizes, to improve efficiency and reduce carbon build up. This can be a particular issue where engines are operating for long periods at the same throttle settings.
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Farm and Plant Machinery, Mining and Power Generators

Engine Carbon Clean can be implemented on internal combustion engines with a wide variety of applications, industries, and settings.

Time for a detox

Vehicles need some TLC too. Here are some of the top Engine Carbon Clean benefits that help both your vehicle and the environment:

Icon Car W ImageVehicles

  • Power, performance and capability restored
  • Lower and less frequent repair bills
  • Revitalised fuel efficiency – saving you money

Icon Car W ImageEnvironment

  • Power, performance and capability restored
  • Lower and less frequent repair bills
  • Revitalised fuel efficiency – saving you money

See what our clients say

Still not convinced?
Don’t just take our word for it – take a look below at some of our happy customers who’ve both saved money and lowered their carbon emissions.

Great work, and resultCustomer in Northamptonshire

...very professional and kept me fully informed about what he found. The result was that when I went out for a 17 mile trip, it felt much smoother and quieter, even with the sunroof open.

Diesel fueled car with a performance issueCustomer in Nottinghamshire

Had various power related issues with a diesel fueled car. The diagnostic and visual check showed an error with a faulty part linked to the fuel system. The engine was also decarbonised too and I have noted a difference in performance and a reduction in exhaust smoke. I'm very pleased with the results and Adrian's expertise and advice. Well recommended.

Great serviceCustomer in Leicestershire

I'm very pleased with the service I was provided with by Adrian from Engine Carbon Clean! He's very competent and professional! The diagnostic was accurate and informative, so thanks to it I have found out about a few issues I wasn't even aware of. Engine Carbon cleaning restored some power to my engine and it works smoother now. I will definitely use Carbon Engine Clean East Mids again! Highly recommended! Thank you :)

Brilliant.Ian in Nottingham

I had my DPF sensor replaced and he reset the ECU for me and did an engine and filter clean. Thoroughly good value for money and my car accelerates and runs like it should. I'm really happy with the work done and definitely recommend the service to anyone with a diesel or other engine problems.

Fantastic service from start to finishMatt B.

Leon made sure everything was top notch from the get go, along with explaining pretty much the step by step process. As well as the carbon clean, he even went as far to sort out a few other niggles which was a brilliant spot by himself. Once again, can't thank him enough for his professional, courteous and knowledgeable manner. Would highly recommend the service for the knowledge as well as benefits for the vehicle.

WOW what a differenceBrian W.

Had my ecc today and was very impressed with the service and knowledge of the engineer. My car no longer has a lumpy idle and the throttle response is so much sharper. Overall extremely happy.

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