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About us

Who are Engine Carbon Clean?

We are Engine Carbon Clean: an established UK company dedicated to enhancing engine efficiency with an innovative and ground-breaking service using hydrogen to reduce carbon deposits.

Our combined passion for customer service and engineering innovation drives us to be the best in the business and truly sets us apart. We care about every service that we perform and continually strive to offer the ultimate in customer care.

We are the premier engine detox service, restoring your vehicle with an easy-to-book mobile service that saves you time and money.

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Our history

Our technology was initially developed in the early 2010s on the racetrack for improving performance of racing cars. The business was founded to bring these benefits to the wider public and to businesses. We are part of the award-winning Advanced Hydrogen Technologies (AHT) Group. The hydrogen technologies being developed by AHT Group present an incredible array of uses and benefits for many industries.

Green Hydrogen as an energy source which is produced through the electrolysis of water using sustainable electricity, is playing a significant role in the transition to a zero carbon economy. AHT Group is at the forefront of micro-generation of green hydrogen. This has been at the heart of the Engine Carbon Clean process from the very beginning and is vital for our quick, easy and effective mobile service.

Our team

While being designed and manufactured entirely within the UK, we have conducted over 20,000 cleans across the globe. Our professional team consists of highly trained and knowledgeable engineers who provide a professional and friendly service with each hydrogen carbon cleaning service they perform.

Servicing the public and vital industries

As well as services for passenger and light commercial vehicles, Engine Carbon Clean work with a wide range of sectors and industries including locomotive, marine, farming and power generation. We also work closely with Public Transport, the MoD, Commercial Fleets, Airports and airlines, Councils and Emergency Services to bring the Engine Carbon Clean service to those with fleets of commercial and large vehicles to ensure regular carbon cleaning is part of their maintenance schedules.

Why do we do what we do?

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Your engine’s performance

Performance will inevitably take a hit as your vehicle clocks up the miles. Our quick
hydrogen service will have a significant and noticeable positive impact on your car. Power, performance and a better overall experience will help your vehicle feel younger than its years; a car that drives better and lasts longer, whilst reducing your carbon output.

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Your costs

Engine inefficiency can significantly contribute to higher running costs. Our processes clean out your vehicle’s engine, helping it ‘breathe’ easier. The result is less fuel for better performance, reduced maintenance needs and lower fuel bills.

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Your convenience

We come to you. Our mobile service can be completed on your driveway in less than an hour. You should see reduced fuel costs and better engine performance immediately. With regular Engine Carbon Clean services, you’ll notice a more reliable vehicle and a reduction in repair bills over the long term.

Our values

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Customer satisfaction

Our passion for customer service and engineering innovation drives us to continue improving our technology and looking after our clients and their vehicles.

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With 20,000 cleans under our belt, professionalism is, and always will be, at the forefront of our minds when conducting the Engine Carbon Clean service.

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Complex problems require innovative solutions. This innovation is at the very heart of Engine Carbon Clean’s hydrogen technology.

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Industry support

Gathering and retaining various industry sectors’ support, helps us deliver the highest standard of service possible.

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Our technology is at the forefront of micro-generation of green hydrogen helping customers lower harmful emissions and improving performance simultaneously.

Powered by h2gogo

Engine Carbon Clean is part of the h2gogo range of products. h2gogo Industries Limited is an independent design, research and development company focused exclusively on manufacturing, selling and developing products.

This allows us to provide measurable and authenticated improvements in vehicle emissions and fuel efficiency.

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Fully Insured with CE Marking

The Engine Carbon Clean mobile units are proudly designed and manufactured in the UK. They are also insured, under warranty, and have official CE marking. With an EMC accreditation, we are authorised to carry out the Engine Carbon Clean service both airside and trackside.

Our entire team of agents across the globe are fully trained and insured to perform the service on your vehicle or machine.

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