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How it works

What is Engine Carbon Clean?

Engine Carbon Clean is an efficient hydrogen process that removes carbon build-up in any internal combustion engine. The result is enhanced fuel efficiency, helping to save money on petrol or diesel bills and providing increased overall performance.

Our mobile carbon cleaning process is quick, thorough and easy to understand, without compromising quality. Engine Carbon Clean requires no dismantling of engine parts or using harmful chemical products.

Prior to starting the clean our technicians will connect their portable diagnostic device to your vehicle allowing them to establish the status of your vehicle in preparation for the clean. This is included as part of the service and could highlight any vehicle faults or items that may require attention.

Why does carbon build-up occur?

Carbon can build up within engines over time, with many petrol and diesel fuels having a low purity level, leading to a variety of detrimental issues in the long term, including:

  • Lower performance
  • Lower power
  • Higher emissions
  • Higher and more frequent replacement costs
  • Fuel inefficiency

When grouped, these problems can have a significant impact on your bills, as well as your time. Removing the carbon build-up with our efficient and mobile service is an effective way to tackle these issues.

The process


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We come to you


Our professional team will connect your car to their portable diagnostic device


We connect to your mains, then use tap water to create hydrogen and oxygen, which pass through your engine’s air intake and exits through the exhaust system as a gas


In less than an hour, the process removes excess carbon from the engine


When the process is complete, your car will immediately run smoother and more efficiently

The technology

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Engineering expertise

When it comes to carbon cleaning, expertise is vital. AHT Group is the source of this ground-breaking technology, and the partnership with our parent company ensures we are at the forefront of innovative hydrogen solutions for vehicle performance.

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Hydrogen is the focal point of our carbon cleaning technology, and our innovative service. Using hydrogen as a renewable enhances vehicle performance in an environmentally friendly way. Using hydrogen as a clean energy source also results in a quicker, cleaner and more efficient process.

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Helping every engine

The Engine Carbon Clean service can be applied to any vehicle, mobile or static, with an internal combustion engine. Whether you own a petrol, diesel, or LPG engine from 500cc to 100 litres. From road cars, motorbikes and commercial vans to HGVs, buses, trains and marine vessels, as well as farm and plant machinery and power generators.

The results

Our Hydrogen carbon cleaning works on many engine types, from Supercar to saloon or commercial vehicle. Here are some key Engine Carbon Clean benefits you will notice after a mobile service:

  • Higher performance
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • More power
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Less frequent replacement costs

To experience those results regularly, we recommend an Engine Carbon Clean service as part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule.

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