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Engine Carbon Clean for cars

Transform your car

Have you ever wondered why your car’s performance deteriorates over time, or why costs and repairs seem to increase?

The answer for the majority of cars is clear: carbon buildup.
As carbon deposits build up in your engine, your car’s performance deteriorates, you achieve less miles per gallon from your fuel and the likelihood of costly repairs increases. Engine Carbon Clean provides a simple solution to removing that carbon build-up, resulting in lower fuel bills, a decreased likelihood of repairs and overall increased performance.

Carbon build-up explained

Carbon build-up occurs over time, affecting many areas of performance and increasing fuel inefficiency.

The result is a car that costs more, lacks reliability, and doesn’t run well. Fortunately, using innovative hydrogen technology, our efficient, mobile service can remove the carbon waste. No removal of parts, no chemicals used: just tap water, electricity, hydrogen and oxygen.

What are the signs of a car in need of Engine Carbon Clean?

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Reduced MPG

If you’re noticing that you aren’t getting as much distance out of your fuel, carbon build-up could be the cause. After an Engine Carbon Clean service, restored MPG means lower fuel bills.

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Loss of Performance

Sluggishness and flat spots are clear signs of carbon build-up, as well as a louder rumbly engine and lumpy idling. All these should significantly improve when Engine Carbon Clean is conducted.

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Smokey Exhaust

A smokey exhaust leads to increased emissions and a potential failed MOT. Dealing with your car’s carbon build-up will change that.

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Repair Bills

It’s no secret that cars break down more often over time. Covering sticking turbos, blocked DPFs, and EGR valves indicate that carbon build-up may play a significant role in those increased bills.

What type of cars can Engine Carbon Clean service?

Cars come in all shapes and sizes, but when developing our process, we ensured that we followed a dedicated one size fits all approach:

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Our car carbon cleaning is suitable for any petrol, diesel or LPG engine across all makes and models.

The Engine Carbon Clean benefits for cars explained

Cars need detoxing. After those signs of carbon build-up are made clear, booking a date with our engine carbon cleaning service should be a priority. The benefits are immediate, noticeable and long-lasting:

  • More responsive
  • Lower emissions
  • Fuel savings
  • Smoother performance
  • Restored power
  • Enhanced driving experience
  • Fewer vibrations
  • Restored torque

How to book

Our team of highly trained and professional engineers offer a fully mobile service. We come to you at a time and place that’s convenient. The booking process is simple: click ‘Book a Service’ below to find your local engineer and you’ll be able to make an appointment.


“Had my BMW 320d and a friend’s 330i done today, what a fantastic service from start to finish…took the 320d for a quick drive and noticed a more responsive feel and better revving, and quieter too. Overall an excellent service, highly recommend.”

User Circle ImageMr T Holland, Notts

For more customer feedback, please click through to our dedicated Testimonials page.

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