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Engine Carbon Clean for classic cars

A carbon detox for classic and vintage vehicles

Aston Martin DB5s, Porsche 911s, Jaguar E-Types – classic cars bring a special kind of joy. They also require a special kind of care too.

Keep your classic car running as smooth as it did in its heyday by dealing with problematic carbon build-up. You’ll discover a better driving experience, smoother ride, and increased fuel economy after just one half-hour service.

Why does a vintage vehicle need hydrogen carbon cleaning?

Due to the age of vintage vehicles, they are highly prone to carbon build-up. Carbon build-up can have detrimental effects, such as reduced performance, heightened carbon emissions and increased repair and fuel costs.

Hydrogen carbon cleaning can help your vehicle breathe again, transporting it back in time to its smooth and efficient drive.

The Engine Carbon Clean benefits

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A simple service

The Engine Carbon Clean service is quick and easy. The process takes no longer than half an hour and is entirely mobile, saving you time and hassle. Engine carbon cleaning doesn’t require the removal of any parts or the use of any chemicals, making it perfect for vintage and classic cars, which need a more delicate touch when compared to modern vehicles.

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Lower fuel bills

Removing carbon build up reduces your car’s emissions meaning more MPG. Our customers see an average of a 10% decrease on their fuel bills.

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A decreased carbon footprint

Many vintage vehicles have high carbon emissions due to age and outdated design. Carbon build-up is a significant cause of these heightened emissions. A carbon clean is the answer if you're looking to lower your carbon footprint while enjoying the thrills of using vintage vehicles.

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Better performance

Performance is key when driving a vintage vehicle. By servicing your car with Engine Carbon Clean, you will experience a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. These changes should be noticeable immediately, especially if it is the car's first carbon clean service.

Which classic vehicles work with Engine Carbon Clean?

One of the best parts of the Engine Carbon Clean service is that it works on a multitude of petrol and diesel vehicles.


Find out how other vintage vehicle owners reaped the rewards from an Engine Carbon Clean service:

“Carbon cleaning revived my classic car’s performance and fuel efficiency. The engine runs smoother, accelerates with power, and the savings at the pump are noticeable. Helping the environment while enjoying my vintage car has been a rewarding experience. Carbon cleaning is a must for classic car enthusiasts!”

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