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Engine Carbon Clean for commercial fleets

Running commercial fleets efficiently

From running a single taxi to managing a fleet of vehicles, engine maintenance remains a priority to minimise costs and avoid time off the road.

Carbon build-up is one of the leading causes of lower performance and heightened running costs – all of which could impact your business.

If you have a fleet of vehicles and are looking for ways to cut costs, our service is the perfect option.

Why Engine Carbon Clean?

Engine Carbon Clean is effective, straightforward, and convenient. We use a simple hydrogen carbon cleaning process to remove excess carbon in your engines. No parts are removed and no chemicals are used throughout the service.

After just half an hour per vehicle, your drivers will see an immediate difference in performance and, over time, efficiency. Restored fuel efficiency means lower fuel bills, more money for the business and fewer nasty emissions for the planet.

Our customers see an average of 10% savings on their regular fuel bills after an Engine Carbon Clean service.

The Engine Carbon Clean benefits

Our collaborations

We work closely with the MoD, Commercial Fleets, Councils and Emergency Services to bring the Engine Carbon Clean service to those with large vehicle volumes requiring regular cleans. Our unique product range allows us to manage any sized engine up to 30 litres, with further scope for up to 100 litres.

Streamlining your fleet

Our petrol and diesel engine carbon cleaning solution is ideally suited to Fleet Services as part of your regular service and maintenance schedule. As a one-off, our service can be beneficial; on a consistent basis, it can be transformative. We offer our Engine Carbon Clean process to a whole host of fleet and commercial vehicles.

3 reasons why you should deal with carbon build-up now
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The legislation

Issued in August 2017, the law entitles the DVSA to undertake roadside checks to tackle drivers and fleet operators who do not meet the required emissions levels. With that in mind, ensuring your vehicles are operating within the requirements is more important than ever.

Engine Carbon Clean lowers your emissions so you can meet requirements with a quick and easy service.

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Higher costs

Carbon build-up can cause higher repair costs over time, as well as decreased reliability, while reduced fuel efficiency means higher fuel bills.

Dealing with carbon build-up will streamline your fleet, lower your fuel bills and reduce the frequency of repairs – saving you money in the long-term.

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Decreased performance

Carbon build-up can have an impact not just on the overall efficiency of your vehicles but also on the comfort of the ride.

Engine Carbon Clean improves your vehicles’ reliability and ensures they stay on the road for longer. Great for both the short and long term.


Don’t just take it from us – here are some happy van-owning customers who are seeing the benefits of an Engine Carbon Clean service:

“Our lorry was averaging 8.8 max MPG and after the clean it’s at 9.5. We were using £2000 per month on this wagon as it’s only used locally, and are already seeing an 8% saving and expect to see more on our long haul journeys.”

User Circle ImageMPCS Haulage, Leeds

For more customer feedback, please click through to our dedicated Testimonials page.

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