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General machinery

Marine vessels, plant machinery, mining engines and power generators are all compatible with the Engine Carbon Clean service.

Streamlining these machines can benefit a business from both a cost-cutting and environmental perspective. Engine Carbon Clean is a simple service. It takes as little as half an hour to complete, all without removing any parts or using any chemicals.

Which machines are compatible with Engine Carbon Clean?

The Engine Carbon Clean P2 unit is designed to work on any mobile and static, petrol or diesel combustion engine up to 30 litres. Therefore, it is well suited to heavy machinery and power generators, such as:

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Icon Jcb 180 Image


Icon Harvester 180 Image

Combine harvesters

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Icon Generator 180 Image


Air Compressor 180 Image

Air compressors

If you have a machine that isn’t mentioned above, you may still be able to make use of the Engine Carbon Clean service. Get in touch with us today regarding your machinery, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

What are the benefits?

After a quick service, changes should be noticeable immediately and in the long term. The key benefits across a range of mobile and static engines include the following:

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Reduced emissions (for CO, HC, PM, NOx and CO2)
Icon Engine Up 2 Image
Restored power output
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Increased engine efficiency
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Extended vehicle and machinery lifecycle

This adds up to enhanced performance, increased reliability, lower running costs and a reduced carbon footprint for your business. When this process is applied once, the benefits will be obvious, but they can be transformative when done consistently.

Marine vessels

Much like cars and other road vehicles, boats suffer from decreased reliability and heightened carbon emissions over time. Fortunately, our hydrogen carbon cleaning process provides the same benefits when applied to marine vessels, including lower carbon emissions and restored fuel efficiency.

The Engine Carbon Clean service is suitable for any two or four-stroke engine across outboard and inboard motors up to 30 litres, with further capacity for up to 100 litres.

How does the Engine Carbon Clean service work on marine vessels?

Engine Carbon Clean is simple, straightforward and easy to understand. We don’t use any chemicals throughout the process and don’t remove any parts.

01 Lg W Image

The unit is connected to the engine’s air intake pipe.

02 Lg W Image

A small amount of hydrogen is carefully injected whilst the engine is running.

03 Lg W Image

The entire inlet system, cylinder head and exhaust manifold benefit without any interference or damage to the engine.

04 Lg W Image

The unit is safely disconnected and the vessel is ready to be used.


Don’t just take it from us – here are some happy van-owning customers who are seeing the benefits of an Engine Carbon Clean service:

I had my 5.0L V8 motor on my boat serviced with some really good results. The engine was very rough and struggling to idle smoothly…30 minutes of this magic and it was running as good as new. It’s cancelled out the misfire and now idles as it should – a great improvement.

User Circle ImageMr J Lawrence – Essex

For more customer feedback, please click through to our dedicated Testimonials page.

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